Fàilte ! All your questions are welcome. It is easy to contact us via email or direct phone call, whatsapp ideally or any preferred channel. We will offer you as much advice as needed to prepare your stay in the best possible conditions. We also always offer the best prices to our direct bookings.


> Sorry for the capital letters but we needed to get your attention on this one : It is very easy to find us … when you know where we are … Most sat navs are sending our guests to the wrong place. In order to get to us smoothly please use Google maps or Waze or Apple maps and type “AOS SI LODGES”

(not the address, not the poscode)

If you still have difficulties here is a good way to describe where we are : On the main road (A82),

> if you are coming from the “south” (Glasgow or Edinburgh) keep driving, passed the Glencoe & Ballachulish village.
Approx 1 mile after the village you will see a big church and graveyard on your left … you are nearly there. Start slowing down, and indicate left, see the big victorian house on the hill (that’s us), you should see a forestry entrance on the left, and a sign to the driveway.

> If you are coming from the “north” or “west” (Mallaig / Skye, Inverness, Oban, Fort William) at the oban / Glencoe / Ballachulish roundabout head towards Glencoe or Ballachulish. You are nearly there, drive half a mile and start slowing down. You might see a sign AOS SI turn right at the forestry entrance and head towards the big house. If you see a church and graveyard on your right, you’ve missed us. Safely turn around at the church’s parking or after, and come back.

Safe travels, stay on the left side of the road if you can, don’t hit deers, get some good squish for insects in the summer and the salty windscreen in the winter, and all should be good.

With Love,

ps : thanks for reading this extremely long but hopefully helpful contact page

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