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The AOS SÍ philosophy: Where luxury meets sustainability

A new chapter in a timeless Story

Established in 2017 with the vision to offer a unique sanctuary, AOS SÍ Lodges has entered an exciting new phase under fresh management since March 2023. We’ve listened to our guests and are committed to elevating the magic that makes this place very special.

Sustainability as a way of life

Rent a log cabin in Glencoe scotland

We don’t just respect our environment; we actively work to preserve and enrich it. We’ve transitioned to on-site laundry services that use ethical, non-toxic products, significantly reducing our energy consumption with a mindful low-ironing policy.

From your cup to our garden

We’re proud to say that all teas and coffees provided are not just eco-friendly but contribute to our on-site composting system. This, in turn, nourishes our garden, designed with permaculture principles at its core. It’s a cycle of sustainability that benefits us all.

Organic & ethical, down to the last detail

We serve coffee, tea, and herbal teas from Clipper, a brand we support for their commitment to unbleached, plastic-free, and fully organic products.

Conscious Choices, Every Step of the Way

We scrutinise every aspect of our activities for its environmental impact. From the waste we generate to the cleaning products we use, we aim for eco-friendly solutions. Our toiletries are locally sourced from Miniml, known for their fabulous range of eco friendly refillable products aiming for 0 plastic use.

Your Role in Our Journey

By choosing to stay with us, you are not just a guest; you are a partner in making a positive impact crafting a more sustainable future, one visit at a time.