Eco Sustainable & mostly Organic - Locally sourced

The Aos Sí philosophy

We are commited to provide the best experience for our guests of course, but we also seek to blend in our magnificent environment with a minimum impact. Running a hotel or a Bnb makes you realise all the waste generated and the non eco-friendly cleaning products that can often be used. For our first year of opening we have tried to make things, as right as possible, selecting eco-friendly cleaning products, locally sourced organic fabulous range of toileteries and soaps from Highland Soap Company. Coffee, Tea, and Herbal tea are offered by Clipper, a brand we love for they use of unbleached and plastic free - fully organic products. Thanks for helping us change the world, even just a little...

Amazing Location & Preservation goals

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Biologisch en milieuvriendelijk – Lokaal geproduceerd