Best Restaurants in Glencoe – 2023 – Our Independant Selection

Our Selection of the best restaurants in the Glencoe Area

(list in progress)

One of the most commonly asked question when our guest arrive to their lodge, is “Where’s the best place to eat ?”

A few pieces of advice first : Glencoe & Ballachulish are busy & shut early at night !

While we love our food, the first advice we usually give is to pre-book in advance, or if you’re a chancer, at least call before hand as some places are so busy, you might end up travelling quite a distance and not get a table.

Check also the opening days and hours, especially at night, as in Scotland people tend to have their dinner quite early and a lot of places shut their kitchens at 8.00pm on the dot. Yeah it might seem strange to our fellow travellers from regions when people go out for dinner after 8.00 but in Scotland we eat early (especially during the winter months)

In Scotland we love all diets, and most places will have vegan or vegetarian dishes. Also if you have food allergies or intolerances restaurants usually try their best to serve you.


Loch Leven Seafood Café : Best Seafood

The most amazing fresh products. With some of the shellfish coming directly from the Loch in front, and with their big fish tanks, this place serves the most amazing platters. We do have a preference for the hot seafood platter that might surprise you : Roasted by the chef, with garlic, butter and herbs, very generous in portion, the platter for 1, 2 or more is an absolute beauty.

Very nice views of the loch, they also serve the local beer and have a good wine selection.

Note : only accessible from one side of the loch at the moment ask the locals for directions.

The Laroch Restaurant & Bar : Best overall

Located in Ballachulish the chef has elevated pub food. If you are looking for a good meal with different options the Laroch is a wonderful place to eat. With past experience in Michelin stars establishments the dishes come out impeccable and the bill is never a bad surprise at the end of the meal. Staff is very friendly and welcoming.

They also offer good seafood options and you’ll have to save some space for the desserts.

Easy to access in the center of the Ballachulish village

Clachaig Inn Restaurant : Best authentic spot & Drinks selection

Although never disapointing, the Clachaig is not going to be the best meal of your life in terms of food in the plate but we still highly recommend to go even for a drink.

Serving classic Scottish pub food, with a good selection of local products and vegans / vegetarian options, the Clachaig is in any cases worth a visit. They offer one of the best Malts & beers selection of the area, the staff is friendly, dog friendly, everyone is friendly in there…if you’re a solo traveller for example, the atmosphere is unbeatable.

Don’t get taken aback by our comment about the food quality, because we go eat there all the time, and this place is amazing. It’s what you expect after a day walking. The Clachaig is the type of place you never forget.

The views outside of the restaurant are spectacular, in the winter the big wood burning stoves will give you the best feeling after a day hicking in the cold,


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