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Best Restaurants in Glencoe – 2024 – Our Independant Selection

Our Selection of the best restaurants in the Glencoe Area (2024 Update)

Discovering Glencoe’s Culinary Delights: Top Dining Spots

(Selection continually updated)

A warm welcome to Aos Sí Lodges often comes with the burning question, “Where can we find the best dining experience nearby?”

Before we unveil our top picks, here’s a morsel of advice: Glencoe and Ballachulish have a vibrant food scene, but it’s wise to remember that they wind down as the evening progresses.

Booking Ahead is Key: Our top tip? Secure a reservation well in advance. These culinary gems are in high demand, and without a booking, you might find yourself on a longer quest for a meal than anticipated.

Early Bird Gets the Worm: Also, keep an eye on opening times. Scottish dining tends to be an early affair, with many kitchens closing at 8 PM sharp. It may seem unusual to our late-night diners, but here, the dinner bell rings early, particularly in the winter.

Dietary Inclusivity: Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or navigating food sensitivities, rest assured that Scottish restaurants are accommodating and eager to please.

Now, onto the main course: our handpicked selection of the best eateries in the Glencoe area.

Loch Leven Seafood Café: A Seafood Sanctuary

Indulge in the freshest catch at Loch Leven Seafood Café, where the shellfish are as local as the waters they come from. Their seafood platter is a feast for the senses, roasted with a blend of garlic, butter, and herbs. Generous portions and the stunning loch views make this spot a must-visit. Don’t forget to sample the local brews and explore their fine wine list.

The Laroch Restaurant & Bar: Culinary Excellence in Ballachulish

The Laroch transforms pub dining into a gourmet experience. With a chef boasting Michelin-starred background, every dish is a masterpiece. The ambiance is as delightful as the menu, with friendly staff and a dessert selection worth the indulgence. Nestled in the heart of Ballachulish, The Laroch is a gastronomic beacon.

Clachaig Inn Restaurant: Authenticity and Atmosphere

The Clachaig Inn may not promise the fanciest plate, but it delivers heartily on flavor and experience. Known for its classic Scottish fare and an impressive array of malts and beers, it’s the epitome of Highland hospitality. Whether you’re dining solo or with companions, the Clachaig’s convivial spirit is infectious. After a day in the Highlands, the warmth of their wood-burning stoves is the perfect endnote to your adventure.

Other local options :

  1. The Holly Tree Hotel & Swimming Pool – Known for its stunning lochside location and seafood dishes.
  2. The Gathering – A relaxed eatery offering a mix of traditional Scottish dishes and contemporary cuisine.
  3. (Currently Shut) The Glencoe Café – A cozy spot for a casual lunch with homemade cakes and good coffee.
  4. The Glencoe Inn – This inn provides hearty meals and a warm, rustic atmosphere.
  5. The Quarry Centre – A good stop for light lunches and snacks if you’re on the go.
  6. Crafts & Things – This café and craft shop offers a selection of homemade soups, sandwiches, and baked goods.

Photo : Mike Bergmann 


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